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OPB Architects

... an architectural consulting company with more than 45 years of experience.

from design to reality


We strongly believe that independently from the type of project, it is of utmost importance that any building serves its users during its lifecycle and is adaptable to future requirements.


We care for pleasant commercial spaces that feature the exchange of goods and services and connect the people involved.


We generate operationally efficient spaces that take into account the corporative identity of their users.

Institutional and educational

We create environments that promote inspiration and knowledge, for professional and intelectual growth.

Master plans

We construct medium and long term visions, beyond the immediate construction, always looking for efficiencies and sustainable development.


We design flexible and collaborative office spaces that adapt to the challenges of our time.


A home is more than the walls that surround us; it is our sanctuary, our refuge and peace of mind.


We collaborate with the conservation of our national, architectural heratage so that is available for future generations.

Tourism and entertainment

Spaces that provide happiness, relaxation and cultural enrichment to their occupants.


We participate in design contests, showcasing that efficiency and esthetics are no opposing concepts.
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Who are we?


Something we have been building for more than 45 years. In these four decades, we have put our name with passion, pride and determination onto any kind of projects: industrial, residential, high-end technology and touristic. Today we are continue... developing our architectural vision, building on our past experiences and innovating and polishing our present and future.

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Preliminary studies and schematic design

Construction documents and permitting

Modeling and BIM Management

Site supervision and administration

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Our clients

Auto Mercado
Banco Nacional
Boston Scientific
Zona Franca Coyol
Grupo Cuestamoras
Establishment Labs
Instituto Nacional de Seguros
Portafolio Inmobiliaria
Urban Edge
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