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Whatever you are planning on building, whether it’s a residential development, a school or an industrial site, each project is treated individually and holistically here at OPB Arquitectos.

We combine discipline with creativity to create functional and enduring architectural projects, with designs that are the product of our client’s vision as well as the user’s needs. In all our designs we strive to minimize the effect on the environment and impact on the surroundings.

Our process makes full use of research, analysis and visualization, leading to amazing results.


Preliminary Studies and Conceptualization

During this phase our main objective is to understand our customer’s vision and needs. We analyze the terrain, its surroundings and the legal requirements for project development in the area.


Construction Documents

Once the conceptualization is approved, we start to produce construction plans. Since we are the only architectural firm certified by ISO 9001 in quality management, our production…

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For OPB Arquitectos this is a very important phase, when the project moves from plans to realization. We not only take charge of the coordination of the team of specialists, but we are also responsible of any decision…



Sustainable design under LEED and EDGE Norms

Our customers are aware of the need to minimize the environmental impact that their projects may have, so our architects have been trained in sustainable design. Our projects conform to LEED…


Architectural Restoration

The restoration of architectural works results in the preservation of our shared heritage. We strongly believe in the importance of restoring our historic buildings and we have been working “pro bono”…

servicios de arquitectos

Other services

At OPB Arquitectos, we believe that the design and development of a new project should always be a pleasant experience for our clients. To help with this, we also include among our services the following…


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